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Whether you want a smouldering and sophisticated sound, a gruff and weathered voice, or something lighthearted and youthful, Cameron Guile has the talent to deliver.

Cameron has voiced various animated characters such as Stig, the teenage viking shaman in Robinhood: Mischief in Sherwood, Bernard, the ever-crafty rat in the US adaptation of Chien Pourri (The Stinky Dog), and the villainous Mo, one of MacTrap's twin sidekicks in Petronix Defenders.

He is also featured as Smokey "On The Water" Hassleback Montoya viii in Three Minutes to Midnight, a game by Scarecrow Studios.

"His speed and quality cannot be matched. Cameron's voice talents are much more than impressive!"

     ~ Genesee Media

"We love working with Cameron each time we get him into our studio. Hire him!"

   ~ JPL

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